Newsletter of the Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei - March 2018


The newsletter of the Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei informs that from April 20 to May 01 the Zeppelin NT will be flying again above Munich and that with the flight ticket the aircraft works Oberschleißheim can be visited. There are still free seats on the Zeppelin flight XTREM on April 14th. The zeppelins will also set off again for the fireworks on July 14 for the Friedrichshafen Seaport Festival and on July 28 for the Langenargener Shore Festival. The parachute jumps from the Zeppelin NT will be offered again. The 2018 season comes with more surprises and news: Goodyear will launch the third Zeppelin NT and the DZR will reassemble the "Eureka" (SN004) and bring it to the same modern standard as the Goodyear Zeppelins in order to replace the retiring "Baden-Württemberg" (SN003).

We have archived the newsletter, in the German original, for you.