Purpose of the Society

(1) The purpose of the Society is the promotion of Zeppelin tourism. This encompasses all activities suitable to initiate and activate an attractive, ecologically sound, cultural and historically-based tourism.

(2) The purpose of the Society should be realised, above all, by the following activities:
1. In pursuit of its objectives, the Society will acquire a Zeppelin (New Technology), built by the Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH, Friedrichshafen which is developing an airship based on the ingenious principles of Graf von Zeppelin and improved by means of new technology.
2. In due time, it will be decided in which manner the acquired airship will be operated so as to achieve the objectives of the Society. (i.e., by means of an operating or charter company).

(3) The assets of the Society may be used only in pursuit of the objectives laid down in this statute. No person shall benefit either by means of payments which are contrary to the aims of the Society, or by receiving excessively high reimbursements.

(4) The Society shall pursue its objectives through its own activities or through the suggestions of, and cooperation with other institutions or individuals.

(5) Income will be derived from membership fees, donations, loans and other resources that serve the objectives of the Society.

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